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Law Students & Young Lawyers

If you know the big-box firms aren’t for you, please consider making a smarter choice.  We are a diverse group of professionals providing highly-skilled and highly-valuable services to clients, while fostering a modern, supportive work environment for our lawyers and staff.  Career advancement and hands-on learning are a focus, and we love helping new lawyers find their strengths.  We understand that our business thrives when our professionals feel fulfilled in their work, respected in their skill, and benefited by their earnings and the degree to which being a part of our firm enhances their life outside the firm.  We understand that’s the whole point.  Pay and benefits?  We’re very competitive.  Mobile work/ Work from Home/ Flexible Schedule? Every one of our lawyers is set up to have the technology and the freedom to work wherever and whenever they need to.  Great at research but don’t want to go to court?  We need you.  Want to be the lead litigator or main client contact and own the company some day? Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you.  This is a better way to law firm.  Please come meet our team. 

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1010 Western Avenue, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA  15233


Tel: 412-223-5815

Fax: 412-774-0074

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