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Employment law compliance can seem intimidating for any employer.  Over the last 40 years, both the state and federal governments have increased the number of laws and regulations aimed at making employers do this or that and the penalties for falling behind or making a mistake can be huge.  We have decades of experience giving practical, timely advice to employers and their managers to stop problems before they start.  We can answer questions and avert issues on the spot and we can also provide comprehensive training for managers that they actually find engaging and useful.  We are just better at this than anyone else. Our team has more experience in more places than most other firms – and we all actually answer the phone.  We can provide policies and mechanisms for documentation and help your managers use them and understand what they are doing and why.  When things go wrong, we can help you successfully defend claims in any forum necessary.


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1010 Western Avenue, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA  15233


Tel: 412-223-5815

Fax: 412-774-0074


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